3 Signs You're Dehydrated

3 Signs You’re Dehydrated, Ladies

Beyond being thirsty!

3 signs you're dehydrated, ladies | Mueller Sports Medicine

Dehydration occurs when you use more fluid than you take in. That means your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. Can you see the problem? You need water yet so many women spend their days dehydrated. But it might not be your fault. It could be because you simply don’t know exactly when you’re dehydrated.

Unless you’re chain drinking water all day, your body is constantly losing fluid including essential salts like sodium and potassium. That salt loss changes the chemical makeup of your blood, telling your brain, it’s time for a headache. The more water lost, the less oxygenated blood gets to your brain, causing a more intense ache. So drink more water!

Brownish-yellow pee
Look, urination is your body’s way of getting rid of waste. When you’re properly hydrated, it’s easy peasy. The water acts like a taxi. The more taxis, the faster waste gets out of your system— barely visible in your pee. But when you’re dehydrated (fewer taxis), more waste has to cram into the taxi— very visible in your pee, hence the disgusting color.

Everybody poops. Unless you’re dehydrated. You see, water helps move waste through your colon and out of your body. Without enough water, this function becomes less efficient and much harder for you to make the deposit. And when it backs up down there, you’ll experience cramping and discomfort. 

More serious signs you’re dehydrated: fatigue, dizziness, confusion.