3 Tips On How To Avoid Common Sport Injuries

There’s nothing worse than getting injured playing a sport you love. Common sport injuries can be easily avoided, but have the potential to cause a person a great deal of pain and could negatively affect their life off the field. Sport injuries are debilitating, but can be prevented. Here are 3 tips on how to avoid common sport injuries:

tips on how to avoide common sport injuries

  1. Always Stretch and Warmup- Athletes often forget to do this, but it’s absolutely vital to stick to a warmup routine that includes stretching before competing. Stretching promotes circulation and prevents injuries. 
  2. Don’t Skip The Protective Gear- It’s all too common and tragic for experienced athletes to neglect to wear their protective gear and sustain serious injuries. If you’re playing on the field, wearing protective is mandatory if you want to avoid injuries. No exceptions. 
  3. Don’t Play When You’re Injured- This is tough advice for a lot of athletes to swallow. For us, competing is a necessity, and we don’t want to be slowed down or held back by anything. But playing while you’re already injured is a recipe for a much worse situation. If you’ve sustained an injury, see a doctor right away and don’t play again until you are completely healed. Playing while injured could turn a minor situation into a lifelong debilitation. Don’t risk it. 

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