Quenchtober is Mueller Sports Medicine’s month-long celebration of Quench Gum.

Quench Gum is a sour sweet sports gum helping athletes deal with dry mouth during competition. It’s a burst of flavor that keeps you going until you can properly hydrate. Athletes of all ages love the great taste and dry-mouth relief of Quench Gum.

So for the whole month of October, we’re asking you to get creative with Quench Gum. Create a wrapper bracelet. Turn chunks of gum into monsters and record their attack of your LEGO city. Draw a Quench Gun unicorn. Build a Rube Goldberg machine that catapults Quench Gum. Or whatever you can dream up. Just do it using Quench Gum and you could score FREE Quench Gum for a year!


How to play:

• Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

• Create your Quench Gum masterpiece

• Post a pic/video on Twitter and/or Facebook using #Quenchtober or #QuenchArt

• Help us spread the word by retweeting us anytime


Then on Halloween day, we’ll select 5 people (it could be you) to get a year’s worth of Quench Gum. That’s right, Quench Gum for a year. Jackpot!

But maybe the whole creating, tweeting, posting thing isn’t your game. We get that. But you like saving money, right? Then you’ll love this deal:


50% off Quench Gum 10/1/2014 – 10/31/2014.


Click to order and use Promo Code QUENCHTOBER at checkout.


Now, instead of buying traditional Halloween candy, hand out Quench Gum to all those Trick-or-Treaters.


Happy Quenchtober!