A Guide to Improving Your Cycling

A Guide to Improving Your Cycling

With the Tour de France underway, professional (or hobbyist) cyclists may be considering ways to improve their performance. Even if you’re not looking to partake in any worldwide championships, improving your stats can be a personal victory.

The infographic below details the Tour de France’s popularity, and how keeping track of a person’s time and technique can mean the difference between first and second place – a mere eight seconds separated Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France. The Watch Gallery understand why it’s important for cyclists (and sports enthusiasts) to keep track of their stats and how they can better their timekeeping skills and performance through appropriate and reliable timekeeping equipment and cycling gear.

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Due to the popularity of the Tour de France (60 kilometers of cable is needed each and every day to ensure the broadcast of the event is as smooth as possible, so the 190 countries worldwide can view the event with minimal interruption). The prestigious nature of the championships means every second counts, and no millisecond can be ignored.

Therefore, to improve your overall stats, you must focus on your cycling time and techniques such as your pedalling efficiency. Persevere and learn from the competitors currently cycling in the 104th edition of the Tour de France; practice and learn from cycling mistakes; wear appropriate gear that’ll improve your performance, and ensure your bicycle is in good working order.