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Adventure Activities for the Winter Sportsman

Adventure Activities for the Winter Sportsman

Some people are sun lovers, that is their nature, and that is how they have always been. For some of us, the idea of sitting on a beach with a book toasting our skin sounds nightmarish, and the prospect of doing sports in extremely hot weather is more a chore than refreshing. If you are a cold blooded, lover of all things winter based, you are not alone. Studies have indicated that fall is the favorite season for a third of Americans, but what about those who like it cold? Here is a list of all the activities to do when the temperature drops.


Skiing and Snowboarding

An obvious one, but not to be overlooked. Are you making the most out of the wide variety of landscapes right here in the USA? Whether you are drawn to Aspen in Colorado or Mammoth in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, there really are a wealth of options when seeking a downhill thrill. Just remember to stay safe and wrap up, skiing injuries are all too common.



If the idea of throwing yourself down mountain ranges on two sticks or a single board doesn’t seem quite extreme enough, then you probably need help. Only joking! Bob sleighing is a rapidly developing industry, and it is a little kookier than skiing or snowboarding. Have a look at bobsleighing teams in your local area – you might find that there are more people trying it than you might expect.



Ok, it might not seem particularly extreme, but for the cold blooded among us, fishing for Salmon in Alaska is a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace the thermals and get a thrill at the same time. Alaska fishing is widely recognized as some of the best in the world. Therefore, stay with a company like Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions, as there are so many different types of fish swimming around and waiting for you to pluck them from the water. For the hardy, winter lover, a day spent on a boat or at the shore of a vast river is a welcome retreat from the world.


Curling and Ice Hockey

If being out on the ice with nothing but warm attire and a long stick to protect you appeals to you, then maybe try getting out on the ice for a good ol’ game of hockey or some curling. Don’t know the difference? You’re not alone. One involves six of you, and one involves four of you. Read up about it and see if you can be tempted by a little sport skating. There is a reason it is one of the most popular winter sports.



When you think of hiking, you probably think of nice summer walks between mountains entering out onto a fresh meadow with wildflowers blooming everywhere. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter hiking is a well-established sport, and many trails stay open throughout the colder months. Be sure to pack a thick sleeping bag and remember to drink lots of water, despite the cold your body still needs hydration. If you’re venturing into dangerous territory, enlist the help of a guide and tell people of your whereabouts.