Alleviating the Common Runners Knee Pain

alleviating the common runners knee pain


Many runners often complain of knee pain. Often, the result is something called runners knee. Runners knee is not something to be overally concerned about, but it is something that you want to alleviate and try to prevent in the future.

What is it? Usually runners feel pain under or behind the kneecap. It is usually worse if you bend the knee or sit down. It can also be worse when running or walking downhill and can, at times, have popping associated with it. The pain is not debilitating, but it definitely is painful or annoying.

What is it caused from? Runners knee is usually caused from too much activity either too soon or just too much in general. It does not necessarily have to be running. Bikers can have runners knee due to the constant bend in a biking motion. It can also be caused from a fall, a misalignment, or even some sort of awkward foot rotation that causes the knee to bend funny.

I think I have it, now what? Once you think you might have runner’s knee you can go to a doctor or trainer to get a medical diagnosis. You do not want it to be something worse, like a stress fracture or anything. Once that is ruled out, the doctor/trainer will have you try a few things to calm down the pain and, hopefully, slowly get rid of the pain entirely.

– You may be suggested to take a few days off. Rest is key for solving the problem. The more you can stay off of the knee, the quicker it can heal.

– You can also ice your knee after activity. This will help take out any swelling.

– You can use bandages or wrap your knee during an activity to give it extra support. This might help if you are twisting it funny during an activity.

– You can also do special stretches provided by a trainer. The more it stretches out and feels the movements, the easier the activity will feel on the knee.

Runners knee is not a serious problem, but it certainly is one you want to watch and get feeling better. Not only will it impact your training (it is an injury), it could get worse and eventually damage cartilage which could eventually require surgery. To prevent runners knee from happening, you want to be sure you properly stretch and warm-up before vigorous activity. You also want to be sure to work into mileage and to not over train. Be sure you have guidance in a workout plan and are making smart decisions in your workouts.

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