Avoid runner’s knee and other knee Injuries with the right shoe

Avoiding Knee Injuries

Whether you’re a “newbie” to running or an experienced marathoner, you probably know that along with the exhilaration and cardio benefits comes the risk of injury. The constant pounding of your foot and ankle can cause a variety of ailments around the knee. One problem in particular is called “Runner’s Knee” or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). 

Runner’s Knee Inury is a condition that arises from overuse, meaning that it is not an acute condition. Rather, it is a condition that becomes increasingly apparent over time, as are most running injuries. It is pain that radiates from underneath the patella, or knee and is caused by it not lining up properly with its groove. Most runners are familiar with this type of pain, but a lot of them, especially the newbies, don’t realize that wearing proper footwear can have a profound effect on preventing this condition from ever happening in the first place.

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” approach to selecting the proper running shoe. Some people prefer the minimalist approach, which is akin to the barefoot running technique. In this case, there are racing flats that are a good choice to promote this technique. Others may be ideally suited by the exact opposite of this approach, which means they require extra cushioning and maximum support for their running style.

Still others may require a shoe that caters to more motion control depending on their individual biomechanics. The only real way to know which style of running shoe is best for your individual needs is to go to a footwear provider that specializes in running apparel and have an assessment done by one of their trained professionals.

If you find yourself dealing with an injury to your knee regardless of whether or not you purchased appropriate footwear, it is of the utmost importance that you seek proper treatment for knee injuries to prevent further damage, and to make sure you can get back to your running routine as quickly as possible of course. 

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