A bone bruise is a traumatic injury from a forceful impact during sports. It’s characterized by severe pain that can last for weeks or months.

bone bruises

Kinds of Bone Bruises
Depending on the bone involved, there are three kinds of bone bruises: subperiosteal hematoma, an interosseous bruise, and a subchondral bruise. A bone bruise commonly occurs in the knee, involving the long bone of the thigh or femur. It can also occur in the wrist, heel, foot, or hipbone.

Bone bruises are a common sports injury, especially in sports involving a lot of falling or hard contact with objects or other players, like soccer or football. A bone bruise usually results from a direct and sudden force or from repetitive compressive forces that are not strong enough to break or fracture the bone. 

Pain and swelling. You may notice discoloration of the soft tissue (skin and muscles) surrounding the injured bone. Blood and fluids can spread to the joint, causing it to swell as well.

Apply an icepack or ice wrapped in thin cloth over the injured area to prevent excessive swelling and help reduce the pain. 

Avoid placing more stress on the bruised bone area to allow adequate healing. A bone bruise heals more slowly than soft tissue damage. To support and protect a bone near a joint from further trauma, it’s advisable to wear a brace, such as a knee brace.