Calling All Athletic Trainers

Calling All Athletic Trainers

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As an athletic trainer, sports fans only notice you when their favorite player gets hurt. Then all their eyes are on you. In that moment, when fans are holding their collective breath, the field is your stage and it’s your turn to shine. We want to hear those stories.

We’re looking for a glimpse behind the sidelines — a peek into the sports world from your perspective.

Why do you love being an athletic trainer?
Share a story that made a difference in your career.
What drives you to be the best athletic trainer?
Tell us about your game day preparations.
How do you organize your gear?
What are your must-haves?
Describe a common sports injury you deal with often?
Which Mueller® Sports Medicine products do you count on?

If we pick your story, we’ll spotlight you and your team in an upcoming campaign.

Just share your story below or email us it.