swimmer in pool with kinesiology tape on shoulder

Clinical Studies and Proven Health Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape and its methods of use have been around for decades, but it didn’t make headlines until the media noticed athletes in the 2008 Olympic games sporting the tape for its unique health benefits. It has been found that kinesiology tape, used in conjunction with different wrapping techniques, can promote healing, aid in alleviating pain, and support certain muscle groups during sports activities.

After the hype it received in the 2008 Olympic games, researchers decided it was time to test the support and healing properties associated with kinesiology tape use. The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy published the study which consisted of patients who suffered from various orthopedic injuries. One set of test subjects were simply wrapped with the tape, the other patients involved in the study were wrapped with the tape using various proven methods. The study concluded that the patients who were wrapped with the tape using specific methods saw a dramatic improvement in mobility, joint and muscle health, and pain reduction during physical activity.

After the initial study, San Jose State University decided they would also begin a study which concentrated specifically on 30 patients who had core pain from various back injuries. The patients were tested using wrapping methods designed to specifically target trunk mobility and lowed back pain. The researchers at San Jose discovered that the kinesiology taping technique allowed the patients to significantly increase their range of motion.

Top Benefits of Using Kinesiology Taping Methods

  • Pain Relief: Depending on the injury, different taping methods can help relieve pain. The lifting technique relieves pressure on sensitive pain receptors just below the skin. Chronic pain relief can be help to be achieved by wrapping the tape in such a way that it affects sensory stimulation in the injured area.
  • Spasm and Cramping Prevention: Kinesiology tape can help better circulation which allows oxygen and and nutrients to flow more easily to the injured area, promoting healing. It also helps to releases waste and painful lactic acids from the affected area.

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