Mueller Vlog Series

Day in the Life With Chase


Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are staying healthy!

For this weeks vlog I took you through a day in my life, which included some meals I ate, what I did for work, and my workout.

I also shared with you my experience with Mueller’s Elite Typhoon Kinesiology tape, make sure you check it out here!


Here is some more detail into my workout today, and as always if you wish to try, make sure you are healthy enough to be performing this type of activity!

I performed the cardio workout consecutively, for 3 sets with a 1-minute rest in-between sets, but anyone can perform these however they like and can change the amount of time/reps to their liking!

For Abs, I did the workouts back to back with for 3 sets and a 45 second rest in-between, but the numbers can be adjusted to fit you.

HIIT Cardio Workout (3 total sets)

– Sprinting High Knees: 30 seconds

– Alternating Jump Lunges: 20 seconds

– Mountain Climbers: 20 seconds

– Toe Taps: 30 seconds

– 1-minute rest

ABS (3 total sets)

– Plank: 1 minute

– Side Plank Dips: 20 each side

– 45 second rest


Thanks for watching this week, see you all soon!


– Chase


*Please consult with a medical professional if you have any medical issues that may be affected by the suggested activities.