Don't Fret. You Can Treat That Ankle Injury and Keep it Moving!

Don’t Fret. You Can Treat That Ankle Injury and Keep it Moving!

Getting hurt can really throw a monkey wrench into life. For a sports player, it can seem like the end of your life. But don’t fret, sports injuries are quite treatable, including those annoying ankle injuries. If you play a sport where you’re on your feet all the time, your ankles will feel the pressure from the repetitive use and eventually you might succumb to an injury. It helps to really understand the anatomy of the ankle, and how it can get hurt.

If you ask most kids and many adults to point to their ankle, most of us will point to the bone on the outer side of the leg. But the complete ankle joint is more than just that. It also includes two lower ankle bones. Not only that, it works in conjunction with surrounding body parts. There are ligaments to stabilize and support it as well as muscles and tendons that allow your ankle to move. An injury to any one of these delicate parts can cause much pain and requires your immediate attention.

don't fret you can treat that ankle injury and keep it moving!

If you have suffered a severe injury, you should see your doctor. This is usually the case if your pain or swelling is severe or you can’t put any weight at all on your ankle. You definitely want to seek immediate medical attention if your joint looks deformed or out-of-place. While some ankle injuries are severe, many can be safely treated at home. In fact, even with severe injuries, some self-care at home will inevitably be involved.

When your ankle hurts, the last thing you want to hear is that it’s broken. Unfortunately, though, even a misstep can result in a break. You’re probably hoping for ‘just’ a sprain, but if you have broken your ankle, don’t give up and definitely don’t have a pity party. Broken bones heal. Treatment will depend on where exactly the break occurred and what kind of break it is. You will need to be patient and give yourself time. No matter what the case is, remember that you’re strong and you can get back into your game with the right treatment and a good attitude.

Another cause of ankle pain is Achilles tendinitis, an overuse of the Achilles heel. Most of us have felt the pain of a mildly injured Achilles heel. But tendinitis, which is caused by overuse, can be a bit more serious than the bumps and falls we might have experienced as a child. Most cases of this type of injury can be treated at home, and self-care must be maintained in order to prevent future episodes. Although Achilles tendinitis can be on the mild side, it will require some rest for a few days to keep the pressure off. You might want to try swimming for those days to keep your body toned and in good condition. When you are up on your feet, compression from a brace or wrap can help support the tendon and keep it from moving too much.

Very common and very treatable is the ankle sprain. This occurs when the ankle is turned or twisted in an awkward way. There are ligaments in place to prevent these types of movements but aggressively playing sports can force the ligaments into a position where they’re overextended. The main treatment for a sprained ankle is what has come to be known as R.I.C.E. Of course, that’s rest, ice, compression and elevation. This doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed 24 hours a day, but avoid activities that cause pain and swelling and pamper your poor ankle when you are at home.

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