woman icing her knee

Four Effective Tips to Treat Knee Pain at Home

#1: Foods & Supplements – Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, onions and garlic contain allium, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory will help relieve knee pain. Ginger powder is another option that relieves and prevents inflammation and reduces the acidity of the fluid in the joints. Ginger powder tastes great in Asian dishes and herbal teas. For natural over-the-counter supplements, try Guggulu, which is an ancient Indian/Ayurvedic detoxifying herb that helps joints and muscles and is endorsed by the Chopra Center. Another option is Glucosamine, which is found naturally in the joints but declines with age. WebMD states: “there’s some evidence that glucosamine sulfate supplements help counteract this effect.”

#2: Massage – Home massage can also soothe knee pain and increase blood flow to the sore or injured areas. Basic massage oils like coconut, castor, or sesame oil will work fine, but if you want serious relief, Mahanarayan Oil is an ancient Indian/Ayurvedic remedy that has been used for thousands of years to heal joints and muscles. It is composed of numerous herbal extracts and oils. Use circular motions with the oil to massage the knees, then back-and-forth motions to massage the surrounding calf and thigh muscles.

#3: Knee Braces – Knee Pain is often exacerbated by activity, where each step you take can lead to further strain, pain, or even injury. In order to protect your knees while still engaging in activities that strengthen them, braces are the way to go. You can choose a heavy-duty knee brace like the Hg80 Knee Stabilizer that features supportive steel springs, a lightweight option like the Hg80 Knee Support brace, or an intermediate style such as the Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace. Regardless of your knee pain and activity level, there are many options that will cater to your personal needs.

#4: Exercises & Stretches – Exercising and stretching is one of the most effective ways to treat knee pain over time. There are numerous online and other resources to discover effective knee exercises and stretches, but you can get started with these simple ones presented in slide-show format from WebMD.

Remember, the best way to get the full benefits from these tips is to practice all of them!