Get back in the game with pre cut kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape is not new by any means. It was invented 30 years ago by a Japanese chiropractor named Kenzo Kase. However, until the invention of pre-cut kinesiology tape, a specially trained practitioner was needed to apply the tape. Since the tape needs to be re-applied every few days, athletes without ready access to a practitioner to tape them up really couldn’t take full advantage of the benefits of kinesiology tape. But now, with pre cut kinesiology tape widely available, anyone can apply the tape as and when needed. 

Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape

Helps to relieve pain

Some people wonder how sticking brightly colored patterns of tape on the skin can possibly have a therapeutic effect. Maybe it’s just a fad, a way to proudly show off your sporting injuries. However, there is some actual science behind the use of kinesiology tape in sports. It helps to relieve pain and improve blood flow to the area underneath the tape, promoting healing. 

Kinesiology tape has not been shown to prevent injuries, so taping yourself up just in case probably won’t do you any good. One very small study of triathletes found that kinesiology tape applied to the calves  help prevent calf cramping. If you are prone to cramping calves, try applying kinesiology tape and see if it helps! 

Kinesiology tape has also been shown to help reduce pain caused by sports injuries. Since kinesiology tape does not hinder sports performance in any way it is an excellent choice for athletes suffering from mild or chronic pain who want to relieve the discomfort in order to keep going. Practically all athletes, particularly older athletes, suffer from an assortment of mild aches and pains. Applying pre-cut kinesiology tape before an important practice or a big competition can help soothe these pains during the event, thus improving performance, and help keep them at bay during the hours of recovery after the event. 

Get checked before self-treatment

Before using pre-cut kinesiology tape to self-treat pains and aches it is best to consult a sports medicine physician or physical therapist to properly diagnose the cause of the pain. Some types of pain are ok to power on through, but others are not. Trying to power on through certain types of pain can significantly worsen the injury. Consulting a trained kinesiology practitioner about what pattern of pre-cut kinesiology tape to use for a particular injury is also something to think about before embarking on a self-treatment program. 

Once you are sure your pains can be safely and effectively treated with a particular pattern of kinesiology tape, you will truly appreciate the convenience of quality pre-cut kinesiology tape. Before heading off to the big event, all you have to do is apply the tape and the relief of pain will begin. Mueller’s kinesology tape has a special wave-pattern adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles, improving blood flow and aiding in pain relief while you heal. The adhesive is strong enough to hold the tape on for five days, and it is waterproof and breathable. 

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