How Can a Health Administration Degree Get You a Career in Sports

The field of health administration is very vast and offers plenty of positions in a variety of fields. It also offers a chance for those who love sports to combine their passion with a healthcare vocation. In this article, we’re going to showcase some of the positions that combine sports and health administration.

Sports Disabilities Claims Analyst

Sport disabilities analysts will have to deal with athletes and analyze insurance claims following injuries. Their job will be to gather factual information using medical records and by gathering information from the insured party, agents, coaching staff, attorneys and trainers just to name a few. You will also be responsible for confirming benefits and coverage based on policy provisions, process claims in accordance with these terms and making suggestions to insurers. One of the perks of this position is that you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in sports and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a star or two in your line of work.

Sports Injury Clinic Manager

Concussions have gained more and more national coverage lately and major sports leagues are taking the matter more seriously than ever before. As a result, an increasing number of clinics specializing in sports injuries have been opened over the last few years.

As a sports injury clinic manager, you’ll be responsible for improving workflow, clinic innovation, overseeing performance, representing the clinic and working in conjunction with physicians. The manager will also be responsible for developing business strategies, overseeing things like billing, scheduling and collections, and managing the practice’s budget.

If you’re a doctor thinking about opening your own clinic, an option would be to get an online masters in health administration. Getting an online MHA degree will allow you to gain the experience needed to manage a clinic while still overseeing it.

Athletic Health Care Administrators

Because of the high number of college athletes being pressured by the coaching staff to perform while injured or concussed, many colleges across the nation have started instituting stricter medical guidelines for their athletic healthcare department. In the process, they have started hiring healthcare administrators to oversee their athletic medical staff and operate as a point of contact between them and their athletic health care department. Athletic healthcare professionals are also responsible for making sure that rules are being followed and to relieve some of the pressure the athletic department is putting on the medical staff. Athletic healthcare professionals are responsible for defining a clear line of authority between the athletic department, the athletic medical staff, and college administration.

Healthcare administration covers many sectors and expands far beyond hospital settings. If you have a passion for sports, an online masters in healthcare administration degree is a great way to enter the field. Jobs for sports related health care administrators is on the rise and offer some of the best salaries in the profession, so if you are interested in any of these positions, we encourage that you examine them in depth to see if they’re a right fit for you.