Information to Help You Manage Sports Injuries

If you have a sports injury and need more information about how to manage the injury, try MedlinePlus®. MedlinePlus®, produced and maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, contains information on more than 900 health topics in English and in Spanish. Some of the topics also have links to information in other languages. These links come from U.S. government sites and non-government health care associations.

knee injuries

You can find pages that address one topic, such as Sports Injuries, at On the Sports Injury topic page, you will find:

  • information about related topic pages and specific sports injuries;

  • dictionary and encyclopedia definitions;

  • links to a MedlinePlus® Magazine article about ACL Tears;

  • current news about sports injuries;

  • videos about sports injuries, including actual surgical procedures;

  • gender and age-specific information;

  • organizations that focus on sports injury; and

  • patient handouts, such as “Returning to sports after a back injury”

You can also find information about treatments and medicines that you are taking for your sports injury. You can search by subject, body location/system, demographics (age and gender), general diseases and conditions, such as If you want to read information in Spanish, click “Español” to read the topic page in Spanish. To find out if your topic has information in languages other than English and Spanish, scroll down the page until you see “Languages.” Click on the language that you want. You will find information about your topic in that language. An example is Sprains and Strains – Multiple Languages, at You can read about Sprains and strains written in nine languages other than English and Spanish.

The health topic pages are updated often and broken links are updated daily. Consider MedlinePlus® for your sports injury information needs.

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