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Kinesiology Tape: How to Make it Stick

Kinesiology tape is a great product that can help you with just about any kind of pain. From a pulled hamstring muscle to a sore shoulder, you can put this tape on any area of your body and instantly feel its benefits. If you want your tape to help give you relief for an extended amount of time, it is important to make sure it sticks properly. Here are some helpful tips.

Prepare and clean your skin
About an hour before sticking the tape, use a gentle soap to clean your skin as thoroughly as possible. You are trying to remove all dirt and oils. You should also shave or trim any hair on your skin to about 1/8 of an inch to help with the adhesion. Shaving is the best option, but for some areas of the body, it can be a bit uncomfortable so trimming is ideal. 

Immediately before placing the tape, clean the area with rubbing alcohol. This will clean your skin of any dirt and oil that you can’t see, and will give the tape a nice, clean surface to adhere to.

Give yourself enough time
It is optimal to stick the tape to your skin at least an hour after or an hour (or more) before any exercise or showering.

Round the corners
If the tape requires cutting, cut the corners in a round shape. The round corners are helpful in keeping the tape on the skin longer and they will reduce fraying.

Follow directions
There is a certain way you are supposed to apply the tape depending on the injury and area that is in pain. If you don’t put the tape on as directed, it could cause the tape to pull too much, and loosen earlier than it should.

Take the backing paper off
Rip the paper to make it easier to remove. As you remove the paper, only remove what you need as you are applying it. Try your best to not touch the sticky side.

Levels of stretch
Some tape application requires you to stretch the tape as you apply it. Make sure that you never stretch the ends, though. You should assure that the first and last couple of inches are applied with absolutely no stretch.

Activate the adhesive
Before moving the part of your body that you taped, rub the tape vigorously. This friction causes heat, which activates the adhesive agent. No matter what kind of injury or pain you are having, you can use Mueller’s kinesiology tape to help relieve the pain.