Let us help you get back to life after back pain

You’ve never let anything hold you back. You are the one who always did the extra training run… in the cold… in the rain, because you wanted to make sure you were ready for the upcoming race. You are the one who has always persevered, and it has always paid off.

let us help you get back to life - orthopedic pain

So, why is it that now you are the one who can barely move. Ever since last week when you bent over to pick up the cat and felt something shift in your low back. You’ve been treating it with heat, cold, rest, stretching, anti-inflammatories – anything you can think of – but now it is radiating down your leg.

It is time to go visit your doctor. She may order imaging studies or refer you directly to an orthopedic specialist. Depending on what she finds, she may suggest adding one of Mueller Sports Medicine’s state-of-the-art back braces to your continued conservative therapy. Maybe instead of just relying on the tub for heat therapy, one of our high-quality heat or cold packs will do the job better.

Here at Mueller Sports Medicine, we’ve been creating the tools that orthopods and therapists need for treating back injuries and back pain since 1961. We’ve been pioneers in the field and continue to live on the cutting edge of technology, working directly with designers and athletes to produce the finest products to treat your pain and injuries.

To find out more about how Mueller Sports Medicine can address your orthopedic pain and get you back to where you want to be, please contact us.

Let us help you get back to life.