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Mouth Guards: The Options Available to You

Your teeth are a vital part of who you are. They help you to be able to eat, drink, talk, and show off your beautiful smile. Thusly, it is important that you do everything in your power to protect your teeth and ensure their health. If you are actively involved in any number of sports, it is suggested (and may even be required) that you wear a mouth guard.

It is currently required by the U.S. Collegiate Athletic Association that individuals who play ice hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, and football wear a mouth guard. However, while these sports are high risk for mouth injuries, there are many other sports that can put your teeth at risk as well. In fact, there are a total of 29 sports that the American Dental Association recommends you wear a mouth guard while participating in. If you participate in one of these activities but have never before used a mouth guard, here are the main options you have to choose from when purchasing mouth guards:


  • Stock Mouth Guards- These are preformed mouthguards that come ready to wear. They can be easily purchased for a low cost at any number of sporting good stores and department stores. Depending on the quality of the mouth guard you buy, these mouth guards can be bulkier to wear than other options available.
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Guards- These mouthguards can also be bought in sporting goods stores; however, they can provide better protection than stock mouth guards. This is due to the fact that these mouth guards are made of a thermoplastic material. When placed in hot water to soften, and then placed in your mouth, these mouth guards shape around your teeth to provide a superior fit and protection over stock mouth guards.


Whether you choose an inexpensive mouth guard such as a stock option or a mouth guard that provides a better fit such as a boil and bite mouth guard, it is important to take the proper steps to protect your teeth during your athletic activities. Doing so will help to protect the health and safety of your teeth. Contact us to find out more about the importance of purchasing and wearing a mouth guards.