Natural Remedies to Assist Knee Injury Pain

After maintaining a strict adherence to your sport’s rules of engagement, including stretching and warming up, maintaining a strength training program and wearing the proper athletic shoes, a sudden knee injury leading to a sprain, fracture or ligament tear can be life changing. When treating basic knee injuries such as a knee sprain, using the RICE method including resting the joint, applying ice packs, compression and keeping the leg elevated can bring relief and allow the joint to heal naturally.

natural remedies to assist knee injury pain

More serious knee pain for such injuries as tendon tears are aided by additional non-surgical treatments that include immobilization of the knee by wearing a knee brace along with physical therapy to restore strength and flexibility. These natural remedies may also be employed to help relieve pain and inflammation associated with a knee injury and may be worth a try:

  • Essential oils rubbed into the affected joint can relieve stiffness, aching and pain. Eucalyptus is especially good for swelling and lavender for stiffness. Wintergreen oil and red pepper lotion are especially good for pain. Research the proper use of essential oils, as many should be diluted with vegetable oil, and some can burn eye and mouth tissue.
  • Herbal supplements or concoctions have their foundation rooted in a time before modern medicine paved a road to riches with chemistry rather than natures healing power. Investigate the benefit of the following herbs taken internally, such as; flaxseed oil for inflammation, Jamaican Dogwood bark for pain or chamomile to relieve spasms and swelling.
  • Acupuncture which may relieve pain and inflammation by stimulating and increasing blood flow with the insertion of fine needles at specific points in the skin.
  • Reflexology can be used to support medical treatment by massaging a section of the foot about an inch below the outside of your ankle. This is the reflex point for the knee and when done properly will increase knee flexibility along with relieving pain.
  • Magnetic therapy consists of wearing a knee brace with therapeutic magnets or copper strategically placed  around the knee joint.  The magnetic field produces heat which increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen to the injured joint. Although not approved by the FDA, magnets have been used for years to relieve pain.
  • Copper therapy is based on the belief that copper absorbed into an inflamed joint will relieve the inflammation. Many opponents believe the results to be merely psychological, which for an athlete, may be worth the investment.

Any treatment should be done with a doctors approval, especially if your’re pregnant or taking other medications. Applying mulitiple solutions to knee injuries may help get you back into your sport as safely and as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information and help in dealing with your knee injury today.