NFL Athletic Trainers

NFL Athletic Trainers

Your Fantasy Football league is set, teams are matched up, and the 2017 NFL season is roaring to go. And just like that, your stud players are injured. 

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NFL athletic trainers are no stranger to injuries. Careers are cut short because of them. Inuries happen at practice. Some happen during preseason. But when football injuries happen during the regular season… to your favorite NFL player… on your favorite team… the world can seem like it’s coming to end.

But there’s hope.

The quick-to-respond athletic trainers and medical staff (members of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Societywork hard helping players prepare for and/or prevail from football injuries.

We invite you to me the ATs from around the league, so you know your fantasy football players are in good hands.

Did you know?
Besides athletic trainers, orthopedic, and general medical physicians working together on the sideline, an NFL team’s game day medical staff may include a chiropractor, dentist, and ophthalmologist as well.