Preventing Common Sport Injuries- Caring For You Knees


Common sport injuries can escalate into painful conditions. Knee injuries are unpleasant especially when accustomed to regular athletic activity.

To stay in the game, protect your knees with cushioning and support. Here are some additional suggestions for preventing knee injury.

  • Balance sport’s competition with low-impact personal best exercise like swimming, biking or walking. Staying mindful of proper body mechanics is easier when you are regulating your pace and not competing with others. Your knees will be less prone to sports injury  with the additional strength training gained from personal best exercise.
  • Talk to your qualified personal trainer or orthopedic specialist about strength exercises that will help prevent knee injuries.
  • While training and in your daily life always practice proper body mechanics. Knees should always be soft and never locked. Using knee braces and supports is an effective way to increase awareness of how you are moving your knees.
  • While playing sports stop immediately at the first sign of knee discomfort. As athletes we tend to “tough it out” and disregard minor pains. Discomfort in your knees or affected areas is a message from your body to stop. While resting apply cold and hot therapy and keep knee comfortably elevated. Avoid training or playing until you are free of pain for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Consult with your physician or orthopedic specialist for advise and an assessment.

Mueller Sports Medicine provides a wide variety of preventative protection and support for your most vulnerable body parts while playing and training. Feel free to contact us for assistance.