Revive and Sky Ankle Stabilizer Announcement

Revive and SKY Ankle Stabilizer

PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wis. June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mueller Sports Medicine, a trusted leader in sports medicine for more than 60 years, has partnered with Mego Afek, a pioneer with over 40 years of experience in sequential compression therapy, to offer athletes and consumers a treatment for improved circulation and recovery.

REVIVE leg sleeves with M4 pump

REVIVE, our newest offering in the Mueller® Recovery Care® line, is a rechargeable, portable, pneumatic compression device used to gently massage muscle tissues to promote lymphatic uptake, thereby removing inflammatory byproducts associated with hard workouts, extended periods of standing or sitting, and swelling.

REVIVE offers true and customizable graduated compression through overlapping chambers with highly controlled pressure throughout the treated area. The devices are backed by world-recognized clinical studies showing effective movement of lymphatic fluid and increased circulation during treatment1.

“As athletes and athletic trainers want faster and more controlled recovery, they should be looking to Mueller® Recovery Care® REVIVE devices,” said John Cayer, President of Mueller Sports Medicine. “REVIVE offers 40 years of technical expertise, the most cycles, and longest battery life.”

REVIVE is offered in two models: the M4 pneumatic pump console will offer Bluetooth connection and full customizability for treatment times and pressures, and the M2 will offer elegant simplicity while still allowing control of treatment time and compression. Both M4 and M2 models are registered and approved by the FDA as a class II medical device.  REVIVE M4 and M2 models have industry-leading batteries with up to 8 hours of use per charge, so it can easily be used while traveling.

The garments are made of materials that are easy to clean and biocompatible. Each console will include two leg garments. Arm, half vest with arm, calf boots, full pants, and core garments will also be available. Arm and leg garments are bilateral, so “left” and “right” purchases don’t need to be made.

REVIVE will be available in the USA starting August 1, 2022, found through your local Mueller Sports Medicine representative, by calling Mueller directly at 1-800-356-9522, online at, or Amazon.

1 Effect of pneumatic compression therapy on lymph movement in lymphedema-affected extremities, as assessed by near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging: Aldrich, MB, et. al; Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences Vol. 10, No. 02 (2017)



Mego Afek specializes in developing and manufacturing medical and aesthetic pneumatic compression therapy systems for home care, clinics, and hospitals, with more than 40 years of experience.

Mego Afek’s pneumatic compression systems are the most advanced, clinically proven giving its users the highest standard of care together with top compliance and ease of use for improving health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Mego Afek has three main product lines, The Lympha Press® which is the global leading brand for treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and venous stasis ulcers. The Phlebo Press® DVT, the next generation of DVT prevention and the Ballancer® Wellness & aesthetic treatment systems for lymphatic drainage, body shaping and spa applications.

PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wis.June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mueller Sports Medicine, a trusted leader in sports medicine for more than 60 years, has introduced the ‘SKY™ ANKLE STABILIZER’.

The SKY Stabilizer™ represents remarkably radical out-of-the-box vision and engineering aimed at providing featherlight and streamlined support to athletes with healthy ankles who want to keep them that way.

The SKY™ Stabilizer from Mueller Sports Medicine
The SKY™ Stabilizer is uniquely engineered to aid in promoting a more stable positioning range, thereby reducing potential for serious injury that could lead to chronic ankle instability.

Ankle sprains are the #1 sport injury and often it only takes a couple of sprains to weaken an ankle joint such that CAI (chronic ankle instability) becomes a significant risk.

Highly specific and refined, the SKY™ Stabilizer was born from Mueller’s focus upon the biomechanics and causal factors of inversion sprains among athletes focused upon jumping vertically, such as basketball and volleyball players.  Research revealed an unrecognized opportunity to enhance ankle protection by lessening the tendency for these athletes to let their feet drop while airborne. This in turn helps keep the ankle in a more stable landing posture and less susceptible to dangerous hyper-ranging in scenarios when they land awkwardly, such as on another player’s foot.

The SKY™ Stabilizer is uniquely engineered to aid in promoting a more stable positioning range, thereby reducing potential for serious injury that could lead to chronic ankle instability. The Sky™ Ankle Stabilizer represents Mueller’s disruptive forward thinking,” said John Cayer, President of Mueller Sports Medicine.  “It’s a radical departure from the traditional approaches to ankle protection. We want athletes to focus on the game without worry of ankle injury.”

Mueller’s approach is unique because the SKY™, ‘feels almost invisible’, while wearing it.  Many athletes tend to forget they have it on.


Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc. was founded more than 60 years ago by former University of Wisconsin basketball player turned registered pharmacist, Curt Mueller, who coined the term “sports medicine.” The company was based on developing better products to protect athletes from injury and enhance their performance and has expanded into the overall health and wellness segment for all audiences.


Mueller, which continues to be a family-owned company, was the first company to offer knee braces with the patented Triaxial Hinge (U.S. Patent Nos. 4,726,362 and 4,573,455) designed to properly track the knee joint and provide near-normal motion. Other products include HydraCinn® fabric, a moisture-management system that is soft, comfortable, durable and breathable for long term use, Mueller® Green, an earth-friendly line of braces and supports, and Mueller® TYPHOON Kinesiology Tape, featuring a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscles. Other brands include Sport Care®, Thor®, Omniforce®, PFTape®, Hot Stuff®, Hg80® featuring HydraCinn® fabric , Stickum™, MTape®, ProStrips®, Athletic Care®, Recoil® and Quench Gum®.

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