Mueller Sports Medicine Ankle Support Options

There are few things on this planet that can torture you on a daily basis more than an ankle injury. With all of your weight coming down on that joint with every step you take during your daily activities. Having dealt with ankle injuries for years myself, I can attest to how much they can ruin your daily life. When you suffer an ankle injury your first move is to figure out exactly what type of injury it is, once you know the source of your trouble you can begin to look into your support options. Depending on if you’ve got a break, sprain, strain, stretched or torn ligament, you’ll need to get the proper ankle support for your particular injury.


Mueller Sports Medicine has created some of the best supports in the industry, and they work well no matter what injury you may be suffering from at the time. Whether you’re looking for something to just slip in your foot to give a little support due to a stretched out ligament or a slight sprain, or if you need a more secure brace to keep your ankle from moving in any direction Mueller has you covered. While an ankle support won’t remove every ounce of pain that you’ll ever feel from whatever you may be suffering through, they can still make life much easier while allowing you the ability at least remain mobile as you recuperate. Getting full stabilization of an injured limb is very important in the healing process, and Mueller Sports Medicine will help you get down that path.

It doesn’t matter who you are you’re always susceptible to an injury. From the random dad walking around with his children at a park who steps incorrectly on a rock and rolls their ankle, to the three hundred plus pound NFL offensive lineman who steps in the wrong direction and snaps their ankle trying to protect the quarterback, these injuries are the great equalizer. At one point or another in your lifetime you are likely to suffer an injury to the ankle, and it’s important to figure out what type of support is most important to helping you keep upright as you heal. Does it hurt when you raise and lower your foot? Does it hurt if you twist it side to side, or is the pain mostly high up and occurring mostly when you put weight on the joint? You need to run over these question when trying to self diagnose your injury.

If your pain is mostly coming when you try turning your foot, cutting down on your side to side mobility in the joint, you may want to get an Aircast or a Gel Brace. This is a rigid plastic shell with pre-inflated air cells that cushion the inside of the brace while keeping your ankle stabilized from side to side motion. If the pain is stemming from the up and down motion of your foot you’ll be better off getting one of the many lace up braces. These allow you adjust the tension on your brace in order to keep your foot stable and remove the up and down motion in your standard stride. For the more all around pain you may need a full cast, but if you’re cleared for a brace instead you will want to check out The One Brace. This brace offers all the benefits of taping while also using the strap support ability. If worn properly you can keep your ankle completely still while walking wearing this brace. While you should always see a doctor for an injury to any joint, if you aren’t forced into a cast Mueller Sports Medicine has a brace to suit your needs.

 Contact Mueller to see what support might be best for your. There isn’t a better brace on the market today.