Sports Medicine Helping the Older Athlete Fight off Father Time

Father Time can be a cranky and cantankerous ol’ coot when he wants to be. The toll he takes on the body of a once energetic and athletic young man through the years can be somewhat heartbreaking on many levels. Usually some time around the mid 30s, that once young man capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound becomes the guy playing the pick up game of basketball with the bad back, the awkward gait, and the jump shot that falls consistently two or three inches short of the rim. However, this doesn’t have to be the case because modern day sports medicine is here to change all that.

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The truth is that the older athlete is making a bit of a comeback these days. Older men and women alike, past the age of 40 and well beyond, are competing like never before in marathons, triathlons, and various other events previously seen as only for the young at heart and body. How is this happening? Well sure, things like knee braces, kinesiology tape, and other devices can help in the event of injury or to prevent mishap in the first place. Really the biggest factor in the older athlete competing at a high level these days, however, is the determination to remain active throughout one’s life.

Surely, life can be busy as we age. There are long days at work, houses to repair, cars to maintain, children to care for, social activities, and more on our schedules. It is crucial, however, to slowing the aging process and staying fit as an older athlete to somehow find the time to remain active. A healthy blend of eating right with moderate daily exercise can be just the right prescription for success as an older athlete. Mixing up the exercise with a combination of endurance, resistance, flexibility, and balance training exercises will all but guarantee a slowing of the aging process and a physically fit older athlete capable of fighting off Father Time and definitely competing with the younger generation for a long time to come.

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