Using Kinesiology Tape to Reduce Injury and Improve Recovery

From NBA players to Olympic volleyball stars, high-profile athletes are using kinesiology tape as a way to heal from injuries and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

using kinesiology tape to reduce injury and improve recovery

Dr. Kenzo Kase first developed kinesiology tape in 1979. Now, athletes wear the colorful tape while playing on basketball courts, volleyball courts, running the track or doing laps in swimming pools.

How Does It Work?

According to Dr. Case, when placed on an injured area, or area prone to injury, kinesio tape will: 

  • improve blood flow and circulation in the injured area
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce pain
  • lift the skin allowing small, corrective changes in deep tissue over time

Does It Work?

According to the Pacific Standard,”Skeptics argue that because the tape is only worn on the surface of the skin, it has little impact on deep-muscle injuries.”

However, athletes continue using the tape because they have noticed its benefits, both in their performance and in their recovery from injury. Plus the kinesiology taping techniques become apart of their pre-game ritual.

Psychological Benefits

Mind over matter is an athlete’s mantra. An athlete’s mind powers him or her to do the impossible and to stretch limits. This same mental energy can help an athlete to recover and to regain confidence in their abilities.

NBA athlete James Harden told NBC Sports his experiences with using kinesiology tape:

Whenever I’m sore, whether it’s my knee or my shoulder, putting the Kinesiology Tape on gets the blood flowing and circulating around my body . . . I’m able to go out there and play free, not really thinking about injuries.

It just gives me that confidence. It gives me confidence to go out there and not worry about getting injured. If you’re playing free and you’re confident, great things are going to happen on the court.


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