Which Wrist Brace Should You Use?

Maybe you were playing ball with the kids, or you have been doing a repetitive motion too much and your wrist hurts. Your doctor might tell you to wear a brace for awhile.

which wrist brace should you be using?

Or maybe your wrist is hurting and you can’t see the doctor for awhile. So, you want to use a wrist brace to protect your wrist.

But which one? Wouldn’t it also be great to be able to talk about the different braces with your doctor?

There are several wrist braces that you can choose from. They key is to find the one that supports your wrist the best and is made for what you need.

  • Cock-up splint: Usually worn for tendinitis and ligament injuries. This split might also be used to support your wrist if you broke it and a cast has been removed. These splints have a hole for your thumb and leave your fingers free.
  • Thumb spica: Similar to the cock-up splint but it has a piece that prevents your thumb from moving. This brace is also used for tendinitis, especially in your thumb muscles.
  • Ulnar Gutter: This brace is used to treat fractures in your palm. It protects the palm but leaves you the use of your thumb, index, and middle fingers.
  • Radial Gutter: This brace is similar to the ulnar gutter except this is for a fracture in your palm below the index and middle fingers.
  • Keo Brace: This is a brace that you can wear in your sleep to help relieve the inflammation of carpal tunnel.

As you can see, there are several different types of braces. If you are still wondering what the best brace might be, sport medicine web pages are a great way to learn more.