Support Healing with Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape

Pre cut kinesiology tape shapes are much easier to work with than continuous rolls. The tapes are preferably applied by a second person, but  that isn’t always possible. The pre-cut end-user can gather and prepare the various widths and lengths with more confidence.  The finite pre-cut tape is easier to work with to optimize the placement and thus the treatment. The tapes help to increase blood flow and support targeted movement.

Support Healing with Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape

There are many how-to videos online on applying pre-cut kinesiology tape. Bring a beverage of choice, and do some research! Muscles targeted are often different – keep looking until you can determine where the tape needs to be on you.

As a first thing, round the corners of the size to be applied. It will need to stay exactly in place. Correct adhesion allows the give and stretch of an injured area to heal in place, while movement is supported.

Prepare/clean the area before applying. Stretch the tape well, then release about half of the stretch before applying. Apply the “anchor” definitely on one end and then slowly place the tape. Don’t touch the adhesive side, place it accurately the first time and smooth it down well after applying. This should last 5-7 days, showers included.

A common chronic discomfort benefiting from pre-cut kinesiology tapes is plantar fasciitis. The bottom of the foot houses more tiny pathways and bones than we will ever know. When something goes awry, it’s not always possible to identify the exact source. Sometimes the pain comes from different places within the area. With the tape, it’s not necessary to know exactly where the pain comes from, since all the local region will be exercised gently.

Pre-cut kinesiology tape can assist in significant pain relief – especially in areas where many functions intersect, such as feet, knees and shoulder joint areas (don’t try taping that one by yourself).  The support enhances athletic performance and also provides relief for circulatory or inflammatory problems encountered in everyday life.

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