Mueller Sports Medicine Offers Next Generation of Cold and Heat Treatments for Athletes and Patients with Therm-X

PRAIRIE DU SAC, WISCONSIN – MAY 3, 2021 – For athletic trainers and sports therapists who want the latest technology for their athletes and patients, the use of cold and heat has a new high-tech option. Mueller Sports Medicine, a trusted leader in sports medicine for more than 60 years, has partnered with Zenith Technical Innovations to provide Therm-X, an all-in-one portable device that provides heat, cold, compression and contrast therapy.

Therm-X, which stands for “Thermal to the Extreme” is a self-contained, self-cleaning device which provides temperatures ranging from 34 degrees to 110 degrees. This provides patients a consistent therapeutic temperature without the risk of burning or freezing.

“As athletes and athletic trainers are looking for the latest technology in cold and heat treatments, new innovations are coming to market,” said John Cayer, President of Mueller Sports Medicine. “This is the next generation of cryotherapy and thermotherapy.”

Therm-X features an intuitive touch screen with pre-programmed or customized protocols. With its digital control, the Therm-X circulates a coolant that can maintain a specific temperature for the entire treatment cycle. This provides a distinct advantage to heat packs or ice packs that can lose temperature once they’re applied.

The easy-fill tank uses distilled water and isopropyl alcohol as a coolant solution that does not require constant refilling and cleaning. The fluid passes through a garment with a tailored treatment area to concentrate the cold or heat where it is needed most.

Six separate garment compression options ensure full contact for optimal thermal transfer.  Designed specifically for the knee, back, elbow, ankle, shoulder and hip, these Therm-X garments are bilateral so “left” and “right” purchases don’t need to be made. They’re also one-size-fits-all for additional flexibility.

The garments have high-end Velcro® to last the life of the garment. The inner face uses a ripstop nylon with a waterproof backing to prevent buildup of mold and mildew after cleaning.

Therm-X is easy to store, travel with, set up, and maintain. It provides athletic trainers with the ultimate in flexibility and it provides athletes with the latest cutting-edge technology for treatment. It is quiet and even includes a USB port to charge phones during treatment sessions.

“We are excited to launch this strategic partnership with Mueller Sports Medicine”, said Gene Gutman, Chairman and President of Zenith Technical Innovations.  “Mueller’s strong brand and customer relationships are a perfect match for the innovative Therm-X technology.”

Therm-X can be found by contacting your local Mueller Sports Medicine representative or calling Mueller directly at 1-800-356-9522.


Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc. was founded more than 60 years ago by former University of Wisconsin basketball player turned registered pharmacist Curt Mueller who coined the term “sports medicine.” The company was based on developing better products to protect athletes from injury and enhance their performance and has expanded into the overall health and wellness segment for all audiences.

Mueller, which continues to be a family-owned company, was the first company to offer knee braces with the patented Triaxial Hinge (U.S. Patent Nos. 4,726,362 and 4,573,455) designed to properly track the knee joint and provide near-normal motion. Other products include HydraCinn® fabric, a moisture-management system that is soft, comfortable, durable and breathable for long term use, Mueller® Green, an earth-friendly line of braces and supports, and Mueller® TYPHOON Kinesiology Tape, featuring a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscles. Other brands include Sport Care®, Thor®, Omniforce®, PFTape®, Hot Stuff®, Hg80® featuring HydraCinn® fabric , Stickum™, MTape®, ProStrips®, Athletic Care®, Recoil® and Quench Gum®.

The extensive line of sports medicine products can be found in more than 100 countries.