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Tips and Tricks to Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Tips:


In this video I share some of my tips and tricks for eating as healthy possible – additional details are shared in the video.

Please note that these are things that have helped me in the past.  Suggested activities may vary depending on each person. Please speak with a specialist if you have any questions or concerns about these healthy eating tips.



My Tips and Tricks


My Fitness Pal App: This is an app I use to track my daily food intake and exercise. The app can allow you to set goals and offers many options for workout plans, healthy recipes, yoga and more. The best part about this app is its FREE!

More Apps: Other apps that I use for my daily exercise timing and tracking are:

  • Map My Run: Allows you to record and map runs that you have taken.
  • Map My Walk: Allows you to record and share your workouts.
  • Map My Fitness: Allows you to track your estimated calories after your workout.

These additional apps also connected with My Fitness Pal.


Recipes: I find healthy recipes online or through My Fitness Pal. Now is a perfect time to try new recipes while you are stuck at home. Trying new things isn’t always a bad.


Meal Prep: Make your meals ahead of time. Meal prepping can be done for every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Organizing a whole week of meals can save a lot of time and help you stay on track for eating healthy.


Grocery Shopping: Make a list! When grocery shopping without a list, it is very easy to buy more things that you thought you needed. Stick to your list. Making a healthy list can help you stick to a healthy diet.


Cancel Out Sugary Drinks: Replacing sugary drinks, like soda and juices, with more water and other drinks with less sugar can help.


Cheat Meals: It is okay to have cheat meals. Eating healthy can be hard when you are starting out. Slowly canceling out unhealthy foods with healthier foods can help make the transition a little easier. After that long week of eating healthy you deserve a cheat meal.


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Thanks for listening to my healthy tips and tricks to eating healthy!

– Megan Hering


Please consult with a medical professional if you have any medical issues that may be affected by the suggested activities.