Top Holiday Gifts for Sports Fans

There’s one in each and every household, that family member who can’t miss a game, spends their weekends in their favorite team sweater and even cried when their favorite player was taken off the court – a sports fan! It can be difficult buying a gift that truly means something for the sport’s fan in your life, especially if they already have an impressive merchandise collection. However, this year, why not give them a holiday gift with a difference. So, if you are stuck and stressed for ideas, then keep these ideas in mind when shopping for the much-loved sports fanatic in your life.


A Christmas sweater

They already have the socks, baseball cap and the latest team jersey, but does your sports fan own the latest in sports Christmas sweaters? The answer is most probably not. In fact, this year, most teams are making their own ugly holiday sweater to add a bit more fun into the festive period. Plus, this is the gift that keeps on giving – as any fan won’t want to miss wearing their newest item of merchandise to the next fixture or game. So, for a holiday gift that will truly get your loved ones in the mood, then a Christmas sweater is the ideal present.



As any sports fan knows, it can be difficult and expensive buying tickets to see their favorite team. Especially, if a big game is coming up. Often, the sports fan in your life may have to resign themselves to small screen viewing, rather than seeing the action live. So why not surprise them this 2017 and get them tickets to see their much-loved team? Websites such as offer tickets to a variety of games, to meet with any budget. Plus, if you book in advance then there is less chance of your loved ones being disappointed and missing out on the match of the century! If you are looking for a truly unique gift, then a pair of tickets will make their day.


A sports movie

If you feel like cozying up on the couch this holiday season, then why not consider giving the gift of a festive sports movie? This is a present that the entire family can enjoy and watch all together – even if not all your relatives enjoy watching sports. From Rocky to Chariots of Fire, the possibilities of choosing a classic movie are vast. So, get thinking and choose a movie that will both inspire and delight your entire family, as well as your recipient.


It can be difficult choosing the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life. However, worry not, as this year you can keep these ideas close to hand. Consider a Christmas sweater for the sports fan that has everything. While tickets or a sports movie will put smiles on everyone’s faces, especially if it is a game that they are longing to see. With a bit of creativity, it’s easy shopping for the sports fan in your life.