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Treat and Prevent Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball athletes of all levels and ages benefit from the innovative Mueller products developed to protect athletes from basketball injuries. Mueller’s products also help enhance the ability of athletes while on the court. The Mueller family has continued to run the business with the same mission statement of: to help athletes stay in the game and help them perform at their peak.

treat and prevent common basketball injuries with our advanced solutions 

Common Injuries for Basketball Athletes

Basketball is a demanding sport on the body and all its’ moving parts. Generally the ankle and knees are most at risk, but other injuries or ailments in the wrist, shoulder, face, neck, and back are also common. During the course of actively playing basketball, some slight or major ailment is likely going to occur in time. Using Mueller’s preventative products for safety and support in weakened areas of the body, gives athletes confidence, comfort, and protection during the game and at home.

If an injury has occurred already, Mueller has advanced products with innovative designs to help athletes recover from serious injuries and play again. The support given from the various knee and ankle braces available for instance, can provide enough mobility and support to get an injured player back in the game with optimal results. The products are designed to work together on and off the court to provide holistic recovery solutions.


Mueller’s Products For Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries

Let’s take a look at some basketball braces helping treat and prevent an knee injury:

    • HG80 Knee/Ankle/Knee/Elbow/Wrist Brace

    • HG80 Knee/Ankle/Knee/Elbow/Wrist Support

    • Prostripes

    • ATF 2 Ankle Brace

    • Padded Elbow Sleeves

    • Padded Knee pads

    • Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape

    • Nose Guard

    • Jumper’s Knee Strap

    • Knee Sleeve

    • EasyFit Kinesiology Tape pre-cut for neck/ankle/waist/back/knee/shoulder/arch

    • Diamond Pad Compression Shirt and Shorts

    • Performance Sleeve

    • Compression ankle socks

    • Compression calf and leg sleeves

    • 8 more specialized Knee Braces and Supports

These are some of the many products Mueller has available for every body part and section that could possibly be sore or injured. There are graduated solutions for treating injuries at every level of recovery, as well as products like the performance sleeves to simply enhance an athlete’s ability on the court. Stabilizers and supportive products help to prevent injury from developing where soreness is detected.


Get Back on the Court

Mueller Sports Medicine is here to help get you back on the basketball court, and/or to give you the ability to play with the proper support to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Anyone who has played basketball regularly knows how easy it is to twist an ankle or fall wrong on your knee. Generally, the pains that develop from these moments can linger and grow if an athlete doesn’t have the proper supportive product to wear or use. Play smarter and apply the right solution for the areas of your body at risk, and you’ll be able to stay on the court longer and be more effective.

Serious injuries do occur in basketball and may take an athlete from the courts seemingly for good. Mueller works hard to give these athletes hope and the tools they need to recover from serious injuries, and to end up back on the court as a productive athlete. With the assurance of a technologically advanced knee or ankle brace, athletes can tap into their optimal potential with the ailment they suffer from. Eventually, with time and proper treatment, an injury can be fully recovered from and guarded against with the help of Mueller’s products.

Common basketball injuries can be prevented and treated with Mueller’s advanced sports’ medicine products. From Kinesiology Tape to a HG80 Knee Brace, products are made with quality materials and designed with innovative features. The results are proven solutions in preventing or treating common basketball injuries, in order to get athletes back in the game even more prepared to succeed. Please contact us to know more and we’ll be glad to help.