Treating Ankle Injuries For Maximum Recovery

No one prepares for injuries, but everyone, at some point, sustains one. Whether one incurs sprains or breaks, the manner in which you adhere to a program of care depends on the recovery time and may reduce the chances that another injury in the same spot occurs.

treating ankle injuries for maximum recovery

When it comes to treating ankle injuries, it is imperative that your treatment regimen caters to the foot. As the ankle bears the weight of your entire body, it must heal fully. Allow yourself the time needed to stay off the foot, and when it becomes time to allow the ankle to bear the weight, use a researched and proven method, one recommended by a leading sports medicine company with over 50 years of successful practice and results.

Mueller Sports Medicine is that company. Together with your doctor’s directions, we assure you that the following advice is the way to a quick recovery.

If you break your ankle, first and foremost, consult your doctor. Breaks require immediate stabilization. Once the ankle has set, you are ready to acquire a brace to support it in the last stages of healing. Our braces are trademarked designs. Researched to mimic the ankle’s motion or sturdy to stabilize the movement, there is a Mueller brace specific to your need. We offer many choices on our website, and we have them delivered right to your door. 

A sprain is often more painful and debilitating than a break. It is imperative that the damaged muscle begin to heal immediately. Mueller Kinesiology Tape will accomplish just that. Mimicking the damaged muscle, it also lifts the skin to increase blood flow and decrease the pain. Alternating cold and hot compresses decreases swelling and provides an additional layer of natural pain relief. Sprains are the easiest injury to ignore, but they are the most important to treat with great care. 

Ankle injuries weaken the muscles and tendons. Whether the injury is due to an athletic sporting event, a regular program of exercise, or perhaps weakening due to aging, supporting your ankle with a Mueller product decreases the chances of further injury.

Our research team continues to develop and provide new methods for ankle protection. Whether you are a coach or an athlete, contact us for the latest research-based treatments and tools to continue the road to recovery or alleviate the chance for injury.