open wound on a knee

Treating Knee Injuries: How Do You Know When You May Have Suffered A Serious Injury?

If you are an athlete, one of your best friends is probably your physical therapist who helps you recover after all of those injuries. Many athletes have injuries that can use a lifetime of pain and discomfort. The injuries can also make it extremely difficult to take part in any sports-related activities. When you can receive treatment on a consistent basis, you will give yourself a better chance of recovering from other injuries. 

treating knee injuries: how do you know when you may have suffered a serious injury?

A knee injury is one of the most common injuries that people get from participation in sports or exercise. Fortunately, many of the knee injuries that some people have will not require any kind of surgery. 

How will you know when your knee injury needs to be treated quickly? Sometimes an injury is serious enough that it will be worth making an appointment with a surgeon. To help you make a better decision, here are signs that your knee injury will require a procedure. 

Your Knee Popped

Did you hear your knee pop(and not the type of sound you hear when you crack your crack your joints)? If you did hear a loud pop when you came down on your leg, you may have unfortunately torn one of your ligaments. There are many athletes who have suffered injuries to the ACL, and they immediately knew it was bad because the heard something pop in that knee. 

Your Knee Does Not Look Good 

Does your knee look extremely swollen? You may have experienced a swollen knee before, but if this swollen knee looks worse, you do not want to ignore it. If your knee swells up so big that it looks like you have a ball on your knee, you will want to seek assistance very soon. 

Other Signs Your Knee Injury Needs To Be Treated

  • You need assistance walking off the field or the court
  • You cannot straighten your knee
  • You can point to the particular location where your knee hurts
  • You can put any pressure on the knee and cannot walk at all

If you have a knee injury and you have a gut feeling that it needs to be treated, you should go with that feeling. Contact us if you have any of these problems.