man holding his lower back in pain

Treating Lower Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

Many people have a hard time treating back injuries and back pain, mainly because so many treatments stop too short of successfully solving the problem. At the core of that is a lack of understanding of how pain afflicts people who’ve suffered back injuries. Those in sports careers, particularly, have to live in pain for years (sometimes in silence), simply because they think there isn’t any way for them to feel better.

No one should have to live in pain for the rest of their lives because they think their back pain is impossible to treat. The fact is, when people have back injuries, they frequently don’t know what to do next other than see a specialist. When back injuries come on suddenly, it’s can lead to relying on pain medications just to keep the pain managed.

As we’ve seen from others, living with pain medications is a dangerous lifestyle. You don’t have to with proper guidance. By properly diagnosing your back pain symptoms, finding the cause, and finding quality products for help, your frustrations can end.

Fortunately, you’ll find answers with wearable devices like comfortable supports, back braces, compression shirts, and kinesiology tape.

For those of you suffering from lower back injuries specifically, you’ll find an outstanding solution using quality devices above. Let’s look at common lower back symptoms, what causes lower back pain, and the solutions to help you live a normal life.

What Are Your Lower Back Symptoms?

Diagnosing lower back pain is a complex process because of the interconnected nature of the lumbar spine. Your symptoms could entail a variety of problems that can help you properly choose the right device to wear above.

The pain you experience may go beyond just nagging pain in the lower part of your back. It could extend to your legs and even go up into your upper back area because of how nerves and bones become affected.

If you’ve damaged root nerves in your lower back, it could easily cause pain in your legs and affect how you walk every day. When you damage bones, ligaments, or joints become severely damaged, pain could go virtually anywhere into your entire body.

A degenerated intervertebral disc is the most serious and could cause you excruciating pain that goes beyond just the minor aches others experience.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Many younger adults usually experience lower back pain from disc-related problems. It’s seen considerably in young athletes who have strenuous sports careers. This could ultimately mean lumbar disc herniation, or just soft tissue strain.

Those older mostly get lower back pain from osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, or just general joint deterioration. It’s a shame so many older adults just accept this as a normal part of aging. Regardless, far too many young athletes accept it as a fact of life in their jobs.

You have some major solutions available to you immediately.

Devices to Help Your Lower Back

Back braces are one of the best products for helping lower back pain thanks to providing concentrated lumbar support. We provide an adjustable back brace as well if you’ve had trouble finding one that properly fits you. The important thing with a quality back brace is finding one releasing heat and moisture so you find continual comfort throughout the day.

Also look into supports, compression shirts, and kinesiology tape. Evidence shows many benefits of using the latter due to being able to wear it long-term so you gain better therapeutic results.

We’re standing by you here at Mueller Sport Medicine to help you finally find solutions to your lower back problems.

Contact us to find out more details about our products above and start the upcoming new year off free of pain.