man running on path wearing compression shorts

Unique Benefits of Compression Shorts For Athletes

Mueller Diamond Pad 5-Pad ShortsCompression shorts and other compression garments are gaining in popularity for those who play sports, enjoy a morning run, or compete in cycling competitions. Whether at the gym or browsing your favorite sporting goods website, compression garments are becoming more readily available. These garments can be identified by their form fitting appearance and are designed to fit tight; offering great support for a number of activities. Diamond Pad 3-Pad Shirt


Top Benefits of Compression Shorts and Garments

  • Increased Blood Flow: Compression garments especially stockings and socks have been known to increase blood flow significantly for those who suffer from afflictions such as diabetes. They prevent edema and can qualm swelling of extremities associated with diabetes. Those who participate in athletic sports can reap the benefits of this research by using compression garments to reduce swelling and soreness associated hard working muscles.
  • Increased Warmth: Every athlete knows that a warm-up is essential to reduce the possibility of injury and enhance performance. Compression garments help to keep muscles warm during your workout; this can help prevent muscle strain and soreness.
  • Added Support: Some compression garments are designed for serious support. They are designed to fit tight and some are even outfitted with girdle like supports in the fabric. This allows for additional support during vigorous activity.


An Australian study preformed in 2011 found that compression shorts improved blood flow and oxygen consumption during certain sports such as races and triathlons. In a separate study, a test was preformed involving male rugby players. It was found that during a match, players wearing compression shorts experienced a lower heart rate and their bodies produced significantly less lactic acid. This reduced the players’ soreness after the game.

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