A defibrillator in your medical bag can prevent on-the-field deaths

having a defibrillator in your medical bag prevents on field deaths

The American Heart Association estimates that nearly 295,000 deaths occur from sudden cardiac arrest every year and it affects everyone. As many as 2,000 of these deaths occur in those younger than 25 years old. It’s no secret that defibrillators saves lives, but every minute that treatment is delayed the chances of survival dwindle. Including a defibrillator in your medical bag is essential to preventing on field deaths. 

The symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest can often be difficult to spot in young athletes. The most common early signs are fatigue and dizziness, which are also common in many other illnesses. This is why the role of athletic trainers is essential. The trainer is with the athletes every day and needs to be hyper aware when an athlete complains of symptoms and make the call when a doctor needs to be consulted. 

In the event that an athlete succumbs to cardiac arrest during training or during a game, having a defibrillator within reach is vital. With just a little training and an abundance of confidence a defibrillator can restore normal heart rhythm and save lives. A defibrillator works by providing an electric shock to the body which assists in returning a regular heartbeat. 

Your athletic training kit or medical bag should always be well stocked and kept by your side at all times. In addition, athletes must be kept well hydrated and emergency phone numbers should be updated regularly. In an emergency, every second counts. Contact us to view our selection of medical bags and make the commitment to keeping your athletes healthy and safe every day.