6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Athletic Training Kits

Athletic trainer kits: just as ready as you are

Mueller Hero Athletic Training Kits And Medical Bags

The professional athletic trainer is out there on the front lines, ready to swing into action. Any injury an athlete might possibly suffer needs immediate first aid, and the trainer has to be there, ready to assist the athlete. Since the range of possible injuries is wide, the trainer has to have on hand a lot of first-aid supplies and be able to quickly transport them to the site of the injury. 

Because athletic competitions tend to occur outside and far away from the parking lot the new athletic trainer kits have been designed to be easily transported. They come in different forms depending on the needs of the trainer- a bag on wheels, a smaller backpack, or a large shoulder-bag. All have ergonomic designs to assist the trainer in carrying a lot of equipment to the injured athlete, however far that may be. 

Engineered to be rugged, lightweight and the most customizable athletic training kits available today, the Mueller Hero family offers nearly unlimited options for today’s athletic training professional. Interchangeable accessories and a full-open design allow for easy packing and unpacking of gear. The Mueller Hero Kits have a rugged lightweight nylon exterior with reflective piping for increased visibility in low light conditions, and the accessories are constructed with lightweight and durable crack-resistant TPU down to -40°F). The Hero Kit’s premium handles and YKK brand zippers are built to last

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