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At Home Lower Body Workout

Megan’s Lower Body Workout  

Bringing you a body weight workout that can be done just about anywhere! Being a college track and field runner in the past, lower body was always important, but it’s also important just to keep your lower body active. This video contains a full body weight workout that you can mix and match or do all together. This workout is made for all levels, add more reps for a more advanced workout.


Use lower body workouts to get you up off your chair after a long day of work, or even when a short break is needed.


If you have been working out for a while and now can’t get to the gym, you still want to keep up that lower leg muscle activation. Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment; body weight is just as good!


Keep up with that training in your own personal at-home gym with no equipment at all.


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Please Contact a medical professional if you have any medical issues that may be affected by the suggested activities.