Runner’s Knee and Running Injuries

Most running injuries, like Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee), happen due to overuse and repetitive stress on the joint and surrounding soft tissues. Symptoms of runner’s knee include tenderness behind or around the patella, usually toward its center. You may feel pain toward the back of the knee, or that the knee’s giving out. Steps, hills, and uneven terrain can aggravate runner’s knee.

Runner's Knee | Mueller Kinesiology Tape

Runner’s Knee can be treated with a knee support, IT band strap or even kinesiology tape. For some runners, patellar maltracking causes aching pain at the front of the knee, especially when running downhill or even after a run. What’s needed is patella support in the form of a gel or foam-padded buttress to stabilize your kneecap.

If you’re experiencing mild pain, there are simple ways to promote quick healing. By creating compression and support for the joint, you’ll help reduce any inflammation, swelling, and pain during activities. If pain persists, don’t wait to speak with a medical professional.