cyclist wearing Mueller pre-cut kinesiology tape

The Convenience of Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape

When applying kinesiology tape, the tape is laid down in patterns to mimic the structure of the underlying muscles. Unlike traditional taping, which is intended to immobilize injured body parts, kinesiology taping is intended to support injured body parts without hindering motion. With that, kinesiology tape is also meant to lift, and pull the skin away from the underlying muscle during motion, to enhance circulation through the underlying tissues.

Since the tape has to be laid down in specific patterns depending on which body part is being taped, applying kinesiology tape from a traditional roll of tape can be quite time-consuming and requires some knowledge of where and how to apply the tape. For best results, a Certified Kinesiology Taping Practitioner should be consulted about the proper way to apply tape to a new injury.

On the other hand, pre-cut kinesiology tape is, as the name sounds, pre-cut and ready to apply. Pre-cut kinesiology tape shapes are usually sold with the appropriate pattern cut out and ready to go for each specific body part, such as the knee or shoulder. This not only speeds up application, but allows the athlete to apply the tape without having to study kinesiology, or consult a Practitioner to apply the tape.

Mueller kinesiology tape is designed to promote increased blood flow to your muscles, and enhance healing while helping to relieve pain and maintain flexibility. The tape is latex free, breathable, elastic, and waterproof. It has a unique wave-pattern adhesive that lifts the skin to enhance mobility and circulation. Each application can last up to five days. Mueller offers kinesiology tape in a variety of colors.

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