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Living with Serious Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Living with Serious Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Despite the amazing medical advances in recent years, simple things like severe foot pain are still holding many back from leading full and active lives. When you are injured, life is difficult and overwhelming. You don’t know how to engage in everyday tasks that use to be easy. Living with serious foot pain or plantar fasciitis requires skill, perseverance and heroic effort to heal. Fortunately, there are now more and more answers to patients who are wondering who to get past these ailments. Sports clinics can help patients find the power deep within themselves to rise up and get back to where they used to be.


Plantar Fasciitis is the most common foot ailment and impacts the flesh in the bottom of the foot that extends from the heel to the toes. It is extremely painful and impairs walking and running. Patients with plantar fasciitis complain of constant pain whenever pressure is place on the sole of the foot. It is extremely common in runners, overweight individuals and those that wear improper foot support for their activities.


The causes of foot pain and plantar fasciitis are many so it is important to understand these and work to avoid them as much as possible. The primary cause is small tears in the fascia. The fascia protects the bottom of the foot and is a shock absorber for the rest of the leg and body. It takes in all of the stress and pressure of the ground and reduces it to the light impact that we all feel. If the pressure, impact, strain and tears on the fascia are minor, the feeling may just begin as foot pain. Unfortunately, the strain and tears of the fascia over time create the persistent condition of plantar fasciitis. Rather than just a pain, this is a serious condition which requires serious treatment to heal.

The condition is caused by one of several issues generally. The first thing is obesity or extreme weight constantly pressuring the sole more than it is built for. Very tall people and athletes with a lot of muscle are at risk for this condition. Seven foot tall NBA player Joakim Noah is constantly battling plantar fasciitis. This painful condition sidelines him for weeks or months at a time until doctors believe that playing an NBA game will not re-aggravate the injury by causing too many tears of the fascia. Fortunately, normal non-professional athletes can get back out there a little bit faster than Joakim Noah or other NBA players. In any case, obesity rather than height is the most common cause of foot pain. Anytime, you reach above 30 or 35 BMI you begin to risk additional foot pain. This is one of many reasons that doctors advise against excessive weight gain.

Age is another important factor, with people over 60 more likely to have the condition. Seniors inevitably have a more difficult time maintaining their bodies.

Running and high impact exercises like basketball are another common risk factors for foot pain. Similarly, workers that are constantly on their feet doing jobs like construction or mining need to be careful about the potential for serious foot pain.


The best thing to do to avoid continued foot pain and ailments is to simply reduce the overall stress on your feet. This simple advice actually requires a lot of difficult ways to implement it. For example, the best thing to do is reduce your overall weight so that you permanently are putting less pressure on your feet. That means a vigilant diet of fruits and vegetables, reducing fat and overall consuming fewer calories. Exercising without putting much pressure on your feet is a big challenge because most aerobic activity require pounding on the feet and constant activity. To avoid those pressures, people can choosing swimming or the rowing machines in the gym. Weight lifting can also help expend calories while sitting down but has the inverse effect of increasing weight. So weight lifters should focus on increasing lean muscle by lifting more times with less weight. For example, if you normally can max out with 50 pound arms curls, switch to 15 to 20 reps of 20 pound arm curls. That will expend a lot of energy and not increase muscle mass too much.

The next thing to do is to stay off your feet as much as possible. While at home, keep your feet up off the ground and minimize walking. Commuting to the office or gym also should have minimal walking if possible. If the pain is especially great you can even use crutches. While at the office all day and at lunch, try not to move frequently.

For runners or athletes with foot pain, they should be careful to make sure they have perfect form with each step to stay as safe as possible. Ask a running coach for advice on the right form. Similarly, workers that are on their feet often should get advice on the best way to step and should wear appropriate foot wear. If possible, they should take regular breaks to sit as well. Physical therapists can recommend the best techniques for any of these individuals.

Lastly, see your doctor regularly for updated check-ups and purchase the recommended products. These medical products help to heal plantar fasciitis much quicker. In particular, a doctor may provide a shot of steroids to you to heal your wounds, but this must be done under careful supervision. Night splints are another common option which keep the feet grounded and healing during the evening. However, there are a couple of well-known items that do not require medical intervention that work miracles on those that have serious pains.

Key Products

To solve this tremendous physical ailment there are several key products that people can take advantage of. The first is the patented PFTape® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief System. This unique product is focused on reducing heel and arch pain in the foot. The tape is applied along the bottom of the foot on the sole and around the arch of the foot until the two are linked. This tape creates a pressure system that brings relief to the foot and helps it heal. Men and women, large or small, no matter the shoe or sock can apply this product. Each pack provides comfort for an entire week.

The second product is the Mueller Fascia Derm Plantar Fasciitis Tape. This thick, adhesive, comforting tape is wrapped vertically around the sole of the foot. It comes in a one size fits all pack and is extremely easy to apply. Whether the left foot or the right foot, you can wrap it around without needing to cut the tape down to size. The pack contains seven pieces which can each be worn for one full day of support. No matter the sock or shoe, the tape can be applied. It’s worn for a full 24 hours, day and night until a new one is worn. Users feel instant relief that lasts an entire week until you open a new pack.

Mueller Sports Medicine

Throughout its half a century of existence, Mueller has helped countless athletes get back on their feet and active. They house a number of leading foot ailment products and seeks to serve as a trusted advisor to athletes and regular people who are seeking to rebuild their form and heal their ailments. For more information, please contact us.